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In the Clouds: Drawing or Venting [entries|friends|calendar]

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Been 2 years ... [05 Apr 2009|09:28pm]
Lol wow looking back at my entries all I can say is o_O; I had lots of energy and vent going on. Now I'm slightly embarrassed about it XD;; So I'm in my last year, starting my spring quarter with summer quarter still left in order to properly graduate. Taiwan EAP was a wonderful experience, which I hope to return again so I can actually enjoy the country, since I was always studying (awfully sad way to be studying abroad). I think my b/f's dad thinks I'm kinda fat cause I ate a ton in taiwan when he was visiting o_O which is funny cause I lost some weight during that time lol. It's funny how I keep wishing in all my old entries to be able to draw, right when I graduate and take some time off. Then I get informed by my b/f that I need to study for MCAT's and take an EMT program to make my PA program application look decent >____< and find a job and whatnot to pay rent. *sighs* ... I'm totally gonna crack or something at this rate. As much as I've chosen this medical career path, I would rather draw and do something that gives me the most satisfaction. Or at LEAST take a damn break after all that damn studying so i can draw to my heart's content. Now it seems like MAYBE in December or something >___< even then I'll be bogged with doing clinical hours and a job so I can pay for living expenses... With this crappy economy the health field has a sudden boom in interest as the last few set of reasonable paying jobs left, so it's not like I can have that leisure without possibly squandering a chance to get a decent job. OTL ... I hope my other plans continue to work out, though I guess that depends on a few factors and certain ppl ...

I wonder when the next time I update will be, I hope when I look back at this entry things aren't as bleak as how I see it right now. I should see if I can balance art somehow in there with all that work.
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Life is slow~ [08 Nov 2007|01:35pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

Wow the last update has been Oct. 24, 2006 XD So life at this point has been long and boring. Now in my third year of college, supposedly a double major but both departments don't seem to know I'm part of both, not just one of them so my degree of progress report isn't working for me. The EAP program doesn't seem to like me so we'll see in a few months or so if I'll ever get to study abroad to Japan. Following that will be off to Taiwan if I ever get my letter of recs on time. My art at this point since the last update has finally hit the style I feel most comfortably with, but with all this schooling and lack of free time that isn't used just to "relax my brain", I don't have time to draw/practice that I would like. I'll probably have to wait until graduation where I'm not making myself stressful on what I need to do next for the following assignments or classes for next quarter. With my free time I should probably focus on memorizing/relearning my japanese and chinese before they go to waste. Ah I miss Taiwan and Japan, the train systems are so much more convenient, at least I don't have to worry about being hit by a car while walking IN the crosswalk in LA. Just the fact that I almost died from someone's stupidity in making an illegal right turn in the lane next to the right lane, further fuels my hatred for cars.

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Rant: Some Artists... [12 May 2006|11:24am]
[ mood | cranky ]

I should use this journal as a ranting jounal while I make a new one for my new website name someday soon (after spring quarter is over). After a long lapse of not drawing with tons of school work and studying, I've finally notice things online about artists and I get easily annoyed about it. Yes there are many types of artists online, but the few types that tick me off the most I'll list them and edit if I remember more.

These are the artists with average or somewhat decent lineart artwork, but cover it up with all these pretty colors and gets a ton of fans (like on DeviantArt). Am I jealous of the fans? Not really I just think majority of them are just suckers for colors and give tons of useless praise that helps no one but give the artist a nice big ego boost. This kinda combines with the category below cause at this point majority of those artists with fame end up not bothering to improve. Then the artists complain about others that critique or criticize them for not improving. Well DUH with any sort of fame you'll have those that hate your guts. Maybe the hate would be less if you didn't bite them back verbally and beat them back with better more impressive artwork. Art that moves the viewers somehow could help.

Weak Reasons to Draw (Ego boosts, Looking for Attention, etc):
I wonder why some people draw, it's like your work is up there on the internet, open to everyone who wants to see it. But some of them just can't handle criticism at all, it's like HELLO??? Is your work up there so you can received tons of praise and ppl saying "you're such a great artist" or something to boost your ego? And just to let you know there are asses in this world that just love putting ppl down, but there are those that like to give constructive criticism so you can further improve. But supposedly if you take everything negative as a personal attack you won't get anywhere. 95% of the time these people do NOT know you so they're not there attacking who you are. It's good to love your work, but you also need to know how to distance yourself so you can see ways for you to improve. Any attention is better than nothing anyway, negative or position. You just have to learn and get better.

Some Web-comic/manga artists:
I'm seriously sick of some of those webcomics out there that just don't get anywhere at all. I'm especially sick of the shoujo and shonenai categories. Gosh there's a ton of them, and they're just so CLICHED. I swear someone should go around and point out all their cliches and tell them to do somethign better. Like how many times in a damn shoujo must a girl meet some mysterious handsome guy that reveals somethign about her or she finds out something about him in her dreams? Why is there ALWAYS this repetative masculine gay guy (that is coincedentally super pretty or drawn like a girl) and a super femi guy that you SWORE is/was probably on some type of female hormone therapy?

NOW I will stop ranting without reason. I just remember reading and making my own observations as to what is up with shounenai manga. No I'm definitely NOT a homophobe it's just, ugh are those shonenai webcomics drawn JUST to satisfy girl's fantasies? I doubt most of them even reflect a real homosexual relationship. And I HAVE read a few shonenai manga that were actually sweet (one with the femi guy that can easily pass off as a girl and no hinting otherwise). But yes romance has it's limits for me, which is highly popular in shonenai and shoujo manga. Gawd ppl if there's love in there make it less obviously the same as other works. Course what I say isn't worth anything but I feel a bit better. There's always gonna be crappy work in this world to balance out the good ones, but really I'm tired of seeing it and just wishing work got better but hey that IS wishful thinking ne? I'm close to wanting to go through webcomics and critiquing just to see that happen. It's like I actually ASKED someone if their webcomic was up for critique and she was like no it'll just lead to her epitaph. Uh what?? WTH of a motivation to draw is that?? I TECHNICALLY should have just critiqued her since she didn't state otherwise at the start, but yes there are people in this world that's just too weak to handle CONSTRUCTIVE critique and I just have to deal with it. I'm probably just venting because I can't stand ppl being in the same situation I was and possibly not getting over it fast enough. And the main thing I wanted to say was You have a Talking Head Syndrome in your work. Pretty much every single page is head shots over and over again and lots of speech bubbles. There are some people who can do some good marker work, and fail to see they ALSO highly suffer from Talking Head Syndrome, but have a TON of fans just because color is OMGGORGEOUS. Yes I sound spiteful. Then there's people that have this horrible grey washed out look cause they overtoned but hey get a ton of praise and just dont' impress me. Dude maybe I should just watch and keep telling myself I will do better than that.

Yes there are always exceptions to people but overall majority shouldn't have someone holding their hands to help them ALL the time. Why did I write this? So I can feel better and also reflect on myself and what I wrote. I also personally fell into a long rut where I just couldn't be happy with my work or knew why I drew. Couldn't accept criticism without feeling hurt for some reason. But I grew up. Now my work seems to be slowly improving(according to Tom), because I finally learned to trust my skills and strive to improve. Though I know I mentally put my studies above my art, art will be something I'll continue to do for a long time. Hey if I'm lucky I'll continue to get better, be a good partner of the KurotshiroX studio with Tom and maybe possibly we'll both become comic/manga artists. LOL actually it's not impossible if the motivation and dedication is there.

Can't wait for summer though, I literally only doodle once every month or something cause of the work and being tired that stops me from really pushing me to draw more. But I grew to love my work again. Lots of thanks to people like Rivkah, Amy (Tentopet), and lots of the OGM/OEL manga artists that continue to strive and put out their best quality work even when they're not fully experienced. Gonna be looking up to you guys always. Lastly thanks to Tom/Jen w/e your name you go by now lol you know how awesome your work is and all. You always help me with my latest work and tell me if I'm improving at the right pace. I'll be in your debt from now on. And thank you to anyone that bothered to read this.

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Um [30 Sep 2005|08:45pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Does anyone really care if I write in here anymore? I've been quite too busy lately to update on here as much as I would like to when I actually remember. Maybe I should keep a schedule. Update every few certain days even if it's nothing? *shrugs* Well UCLA should be dubbed "Walk" >_< Since there's a TON of it. My legs were PRETTY sore after a few days, though they get slowly stronger and use to it. Though I hate the humid hot weather in LA in comparison to back home where it's super nice temperature. I HATE job interviews for workstudy, I seem to do well, but not enough to fully land the job position. *sighs* Oh well... My classes seem nice, I'm still a bit intimidated by the japanese class. Time to memorize some writing stuff yay >_<; Getting tired and sleepy so dunno what more I want to say at the moment. Oh I got Offbeat and Steady Beat. IT was PRETTY depressing walking for 30 minutes in the hot sun to head to Borders, and find out Steady Beat is NOT there when on their records it should be. Eventually going there for "fun" to see if they might have it, it IS there, wow weird. Maybe I'll give my C&C on the OEL books I have someday.

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As a FAN/CREATOR of online comics, what do you find most frustrating about this industry? [30 Jul 2005|03:39pm]
[ mood | calm ]


Well both of those links are discussions that refer to the topic sentence of this entry. It pretty much is like a ranting type of discussion threads. Some have good points and some ... not the greatest I guess. Instead of me joining in I feel I should do it here.

Sometimes the entries start saying stuff about the manga or traditional styled comics. Only lately did I really witness myself moments where ppl go "oh manga style" with such a bad stigmitism toward my webcomic. I don't know I'm like uh WTH is YOUR problem?? Just because some artists that aren't so good but draw in the manga style and saturate the market doesn't mean all manga suck. Jeezes, and don't act like traditional comics are being overlooked cause of the "manga" phase. Uh hello? If it's a good comic it wouldn't matter what style your comics are drawned in and that it'll get popular by itself. IS there some chance maybe it sucks and so you're blaming other reasons for its lack of success? I can address that to any form of comics. I don't know why they're complaining so much, I mean like even the recent traditional stuff has art styles that can pass off as a form of manga since mangas has a LARGE variety of art styles. It's not even an art style really, it's more like a new style of telling a story. I mean go read MBQ that's out by Tokyopop, it's pretty cool and it looks FAR different from the "normal" manga art styles. I find that this art style is hard to appeal to others that are manga purists and would be turned off by it, but if ppl actually read it, it reads like any other type of manga. People, just FREADKING DRAW your damn comics and stop complaining. You're probably drawing for the wrong damn reasons if you're complaining about lack of popularity. You draw webcomics cause you WANT to, not cause of popularity. I think some egos need to be made smaller cause quite of few complaints say if they just get enough viewers their popularity will go up. Ever think MAYBE it's not that popular because it doesn't appeal to certain people? Draw what YOU want to show, don't feel obligated to do something that you don't want to do just because it's "popular". Yes I also know I'm probably repeating a lot of things other people have been saying, probably most of it from www.pseudome.net/phpBB2/ forums cause they're freaking smart. There's quite a few threads on that forum that's well worth the read.

At this moment some of the stuff I'm saying might be wrong a bit cause of the mood I'm in. Yes I'm in a pretty bad mood lately and in a bad art slump cause of it. Yeah I'm sounding egotistic about my manga cause I don't want to be "mashed" with the other "manga", but I only have three pages worth of it so far. You can't just FREAKING THROW it out cause it's drawn in the manga style. I even wrote a freaking explanation as to the purpose of my manga and it's story type. Also I'm slightly ticked off as to people complaining about page 3 cause of it's 'lack of prettyness' in comparison to the first two. Um HELLO I HAD A DAMN REASON. Yes I should have toned it, but since I personally am NOT at the level I want to be and unable to fully show page 3 better, I refuse to tone it fully cause it'll be a waste of my time. I plan to go back and fix that page when I get better. I just have to draw something dangit. Yes I'm the type of artist that gets easily upset by particular comments and stuff. Then again being hypocritical I shouldn't care how other people view my story, if they don't like manga I don't want people like that reading my story anyway. I truthfully just want to keep the viewers I have now that want to see what kind of story I will create. Someday a lot more of them will be able to say something about it cause like me they are the "silent" readers and at some point will talk someday. But yes like other creators it's hard to feel motivated to draw when you aren't really sure if people are reading it or not and feel there's no point to update. Just hang in there and continue to draw and get better. NOW that I've pretty much finished venting, I should take my own advice for once and draw and not give a crap about how others treat my story like crap. I draw it the way I want to. I'll TONE IT when I LIKE the page. IF someone wants to complain my site is on a crappy geocities thing, I DON'T know HTML that's WHY! I'm freakign learning it soon so we can boot it off geocities. I feel a lot better now, better motivated to draw again now that I have my priorities in writing. Btw YES I THINK that song's name is Ketchup o_O Little by Little has pretty cool songs I recommend if you like Jpop/rock stuff.

- Roxie

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Ick [22 Jul 2005|04:26pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Well sorry forgot to update. Page 3 is being worked on >_< yea yea, I'll update on Sunday if the update will be on Monday with the new page or another day.

Wisdom teeth removal is evil.

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Back from UCLA Orientation >_ [15 Jul 2005|11:20pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Yes it's been a few days AFTER orientation but I was quite busy and my life was dramatically altered by a certain event that I won't be saying a week ago. So I've been drawing a fanart for the Dramacon fanart contest which I was able to finish today, with a weird problem that I have yet to solve. It's pretty cute XD tones are troublesome and I need to learn how to use Comicworks because for the picture I pretty much used photoshop tones that I downloaded, got from Computones and used Tentopet's tones. Sufficient yet I know I'm limiting myself to just these. Comicworks seems weird though >_<; So if my picture gets to be one of the winning entries it gets to be in the back of Dramacon when it's out! XD Now Tentopet needs her Fool's Gold fanart contest up and I'll be set. Though this was probably one of my few fanarts where I've TRIED to draw in my own style instead of copying the artist's style. So yes I'm SORRY for not drawing any pages yet >_< I'm contemplating either to finish my One year anniversary picture or do page 3, OR do the character bios page. And my writer needs to for once send me the story/script so far >_< Bleh!

Orientation was quite fun, my legs have never been so sore, especially cause of that 3 hour tour around UCLA. You know how HUGE that the campus is? >_<; Quite large, I made 3 good friends from my orientation group. I think the one thing I'll enjoy most in college is the diversity of people that's there. Everyone in high school was pretty much asian (viet to be exact) or hispanic (mexican mostly) with some white and black. I pretty much made my first korean and armenian friend during orientation and it's kewl. Different cultures makes life more interesting for me, and also I can now act totally dorky in college and it'll be the "norm" for me. I don't know, in high school I had to keep somewhat of an image of being somewhat serious and stuff, though there's always close enough friends that know how dorky I can be. Dorky as in semi-hyper and talks a lot and slurs her words horribly. My counselor is really kewl, she reminds me a ton of my cousin Jennifer though o_O weird though I kept telling myself it's not my cousin in another body. For great counselors they need to be cool + crazy XD Those are the best lol. I did get all my classes, this quarter will be Chem, English (cause I suck), and Japanese (WHEE!). I get my b/f and 2 friends in that class too so it's great XD But I have to work like 3 hours a day to complete my workstudy >_< bleh. I'm sure I'll have free time to draw if I somewhat keep my anti-procrastination study habit in check. UCLA food is good XD; though I am one of those ppl that like cafeteria food during high school lol, so is my writer XD; I'm not alone! UCLA cuisine is said to be the 2nd best college food in the nation so yay for me XD I loved the dining hall during orientation that's for sure. Kept wishing I saw what the anime club is like, I might join the art group there known as Fresh Produce which I still think is a peculiar name lol. I'm low on things to say now so cya!

- Roxie

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>_< AX over? ACK! [06 Jul 2005|06:52pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Well felt like updating with my AX experience. Not going to go into too much detail but I had a blast! Though it seems that me and my b/f spent most of our money at the Akadot booth >_<; stupid me and my obsession with art related stuff. Odd thing was that this year I didn't get too many anime related things but just artbooks, a tablet, ComicWorks, and quite a number of mangas. We went to a few panels but they seem to be art related somehow since b/f agreed to go with me to every panel. Only panel that wasn't art related seemed to be the Kotoko panel. Also both Concerts were GREAT XD Though I seem to have freaked out in the beginning of the Kotoko one cause of her ... outfit ... cloak and scary like music.

I got to meet Tentopet (from DA, Pseudome forums, RSOM4), though it was pretty surprising because me and my b/f were trying to find a way to our hotel place, since he kinda forgot which way he went, so going down the area between the Hilton and the ACC, Tentopet shows up with her husband (I think) from the parking lot. At that point I stopped moving and stared and poked my b/f asking if he saw what I saw (he's seen her picture on DA). At that point he was nudging me to ask for her autograph then but at that point I lost my nerves >_< LOL. After realizing we were probably going the wrong way we turned around and my b/f asked where she was and I was like "up ahead" and at that point he was like O_O "They walk SO fast." Which they did >_< LOL the funny thing was Tentopet and her husband went in reverse heading towards us and my b/f was nudging me to ask her now but my nerves were still missing >_< I need to grow a backbone in meeting new ppl. Eventually after waiting in line to get into the exhibit hall, we were at the Akadot booth with tons of manga drawing stuff, and eventually Tentopet shows up o_O now I'm back to being more surprised. This time my b/f took the bags out of my hands and pushed me to ask Tentopet for the autograph >_< he's so mean ... while he went to wait in line to pay for some stuff. Eventually after she stopped talking I showed up and asked and yeah she was EXTREMELY nice and very cheerful. She autographed twice and sketched the BEST PICTURE EVAR (I self named) XD lol. Took her picture also XD

Eventually me and Davis (my b/f needs a name now) went to Rivkah's presentation for Steady Beat at the Tokyopop booth. While sitting down and waiting I was looking around seeing if Tentopet would show up since I knew she would since Rivkah was one of her good friends. I should also mention all that lurking on the Pseudome forums since RSOM2 came out really makes me appear to be a stalker from knowing so much >_<; I noticed Pink-chan in front of me but didn't say anything cause she REALLY wouldn't know who I am. Anyway the odd thing was I was thinking what if Tentopet ends up sitting next to me cause there was an open space next to me, and next thing happens Tentopet sits down and goes "Hi!" to me o_O I should really stop thinking so much. Rivkah is really cool to listen to though she should practice with holding the microphone lol. Eventually in lining up to get Rivkah's signature, the weird me ended up taking all 3 posters >_<; I couldn't help myself! >_< they were pretty and different colors and was planning to put it on my wall (probably my college wall if my roommate will let me). Though I ended up blanking out when Rivkah asked me what interested me in Steady Beat and so I couldn't explain how the story was actually kinda similar to my situation.

Tokyopop OEL manga panel was really fun XD I'll point out that the creators were sane in comparison to the crazy editors lol. Taking pictures was difficult >_< so much blurryness and movement, "People stop moving so it'll stop blurring" was my thought, though my hands wasn't that steady either lol. The Go Comi panel was really useful and very enlightening. Davis kept nudging my arm and whispering that I had the same problems that the panelists were mentioning like procrastination and handling criticism. I think I'll try to get the War of Art book that Rivkah mentioned.

The odd thing of all this is that even though I dragged Davis with me everywhere, I felt that he was going to be bored. But turns out he thought all the panels were really interesting and fun, even though he did admit that he thought it might have been boring lol *can read his mind* XD He was in a sense converted from his manga-purist like state and we went to the Tpop booth to buy some OEL manga (that I had to point out to him) lol. All in all it was fun though too bad next year I'll end up being an AX staff member >_< oh well if I do my hours earlier I'll get to go anywhere and meet ppl. Lots of little priviledges(sp?) also.

Art Situation: Well since I've got my tablet and tried working on it, I've got 2 portrait headshots completed in the last two days, and I might have them up in the character bios section, which I should be working on ... Tablet at first was a pain in the butt cause I was getting quite frustrated with it, but I'm getting better. I love the fact that there's no paper that I'm abusing with the eraser and that my sweaty palm problems aren't affecting me to stop drawing because if it was paper it would be soaking up the sweat and ruin the paper >_< Anyway enough for now.

- Roxie

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Anime Expo tomorrow! [30 Jun 2005|06:05pm]
[ mood | excited ]

YAY! XD Been waiting for like forever lol. Two concerts to go to, a few Tokyopop panels to attend as well as some other panels ^_^ LOTS of stuff to buy XD; but I currently have no idea what LOL. I'll probably write about my experience later when I come back. Though I need to buy the FB Yuki hat >_< since I can't find it in the house since mom made me take it off.

So right now I'm drawing crappy page 3 *cause it sucks in boringness* and so that will be up sometime after AX (give or take a few days). Also there will be a one year aniversary picture with my characters, think the AX pin just normal colors by CG. Character page of the manga will be up so that'll be good XD Though I realized my characters don't have a large variety of first letter names. Anyone know the title of my webcomic yet? The acronyms are WoS:I <--- Weird ne? lol

- Roxie

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Not Again... [22 Jun 2005|05:45pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

*sighs* Well I haven't had an art slump last this long before. I was thinking oh I'll be out of it in a few days but those days passed and it's already Wednesday and I have yet to start on fixing page 3 and doing all that other fun computer stuff. The comments I've received for page 2 were overall positive with critiques pointing out clear mistakes on my part for lack of perspective for the background on the fourth panel. Guess without having some experience on drawing backgrounds it made page 2 not as perfect as I would have wanted. Yes I know it's still a good page but iono... When I try to draw page 3 it just doesn't come out looking right and I find the previous draft of it being kinda crappy. So I'm here dwelling on what to do exactly ... drawing is always an option but draw what? >_< And why exactly am I always feel tired even though I slept a lot. There's a possibility that I will be on a small manga hiatus if I'm not out of it by then. Well I'm gonna go draw a tree or something now though I remember the last time I tried to draw a real tree it came out horribly >_< won't that just continue to make me dwell on my average art skills. Well and I'll be at AX so there won't be an update that following Monday. Oh well cya I guess.

- Roxie (the lame and moody one)

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Page 2 is up! XD [19 Jun 2005|11:43pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

YAY!!! *runs around happy* Page 2 is up now XD I've actually been holding it for a day cause I wanted to make the schedule update consistent since I like "keeping my word" for once >_<; It's my best page I think XD I love the 4th panel, worked so hard on it, grew to love drawing trees even if it's not great ^^ It was a GREAT learning experience. Cleaning the lineart for this page was HORRIBLY long >_< bleh I hated it, toning it was kinda crappy too, I think toning and the light lineart made the lines less bold and the tones hiding that quality away of the trees >.<; Need to work on toning still cause of it, oh well. I'll tell you the new character's name here XD Cause not many ppl read this journal and SO XD lucky for those that bother. His name is Sai, funny thing is that my writer reads Hikaru no Go and didn't point out that the person had the same name as the ghost in that manga (though I did read the sampler and took me a few weeks to realize it's the same) lol >_< But she said she knew I didn't read the manga so it was likely I didn't copy it on purpose. Actually I named him after the weapons known as Sais, used it once in my Kenpo class and thought it was SO kewl XD; Sais are uh ... what Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles used for those that doesn't know. Sai uses them so *shrugs* XD there's a weird reason why he was named that, nothing creative though.

Page 3 will look like crap in comparison to 2 >_< also the fact no headshot of the good looking Sai (well I've had quite a few friends thinking he looks bishie) LOL so I'll make that claim. Also because mostly page 3 consists of bushes and a badly drawn picture of Sai running (running is hard to draw ~_~) ... *sniffles* I hate this page, how can bushes be interesting to draw? *plans to add trees to the newer draft* Wish me luck that it comes out better than I'm imagining now ...

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I FINISHED! XD [11 Jun 2005|12:12pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Yep yep at this current moment I finished my first manga page *jumps up and down happy* Who wouldn't be happy to finish their "first"? XD; Alright so I think I probably overtoned the page (I suck at toning) and so from now on I hope to continue to get better at it. Maybe at that time I'll have ComicWorks to help out in giving me 200+ tones to work with. Though I did enjoy the pattern tones made by Tentopet's tutorial on her DA page (be warned it takes long to load). They were very useful and I hope to use those tones more often than the other ones because it's a bit more consistent looking than the other tones. Also I think the 4th panel appears to be highly Photoshoped >.<; Yes I got lazy in making detailed bushes and just let PS do weird bushes for me, so I hope to minimize doing that in the future also. But it's a decently good first page in comparison to a lot out there that I've seen. So I'm overall happy with the results. BTW cleaning the lineart was a PAIN, suffered from like 3 handcramps so I had to take breaks. Someday I hope I get the tablet so I can just draw and not worry about cleaning up the lineart (cause my paper always ends up ugly messy >_<;) What else to say ... Oh and reminder the future pages will NOT be this bloody. I'll probably put up an explanation page if anyone emails me asking what is happening, though I rather you guys figure it out yourselves even if it's wrong, just makes it more fun. Oh and the page will be up eventually today or tomorrow depending on who can update it for me so I beat my deadline of June 13 whoot!

I love my graduation present XD; a new DELL computer! Customized to be fast (within the $ limits), so if I use PS on it it shouldn't lag much anymore >.<; *is so happy* But I don't want to use it now but soon I hope to since it's my art computer hehe. Oh, Why are you guys emailing my b/f's email account ... I know on DA it's a hotmail account but on my site I use a netzero one. Btw I didn't say I was a good artist did I? I consider myself an average artist so w/e. And I'm not recruiting anyone to join KMS and probably won't ever since it's suppose to be a two person group (though the writer IS busy a lot ...) Regardless she has helped me get the pages settled as well as the story developed. So stop emailing saying that you should join cause you have "superior" art skills and should be the "head" artist. I find that oddly ridiculous, if you're THAT good you should form your OWN group and not bother me like that. I think that's just about what I wanted to say ... oh and I'm not giving away free Pins, I don't even know if I get free pins for myself. Just buy it if you like it ok? Oh seems the buses around where I live has AX in the back with IY and stuff, while two of my friends seen it in LA with FMA as well as my characters (colored by AX staff in their own way) it seems. Someone take a picture for me would you if you see it?

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AX [05 Jun 2005|10:08pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I won the AX Pin Merchandise Contest yay! XD; well I knew for a while now but I just couldn't go around saying it cause it's not up on the website o_o; Now it is, Pin Design #1: http://www.anime-expo.org/2005contest_merch.shtml Whee! XD; I just love the idea that I can see my main two characters on a pin >.<; don't they look cute as chibis? hehe >_<; So if you're attending Anime Expo this year and think the pin is cute enough, buy one? ^_^; The sad thing is I wanted to win the baby Tshirt one >.<; *sighs* that person sure won 3/5 positions in that contest o_O My friend says it makes the judging look biased (guess it kinda does?) *shrugs* But I'm happy overall so that's good XD I named the pin "Anime Fan" get it?? *cracks up* >.<; Yes I'm dorky ... When I was drawing my characters for the pin I was imagining them being around the preteen age so there's slight difference in comparison (if you look close enough) to the original character design. I'll put the pin up on my site eventually.

Now about the current webcomic status:
I crashed into the stupid artist block wall >.< page five is just being stubbornly difficult. Sorry I know I'm probably not tryign as hard as I should be in getting it done, but I've reached a point where I just want to go "gosh I suck at drawing, I can't even get this basic head angle correct anymore, was I even drawing it correctly in the first place in the past?" So I'm in a slight drawing rut since when I "try" to draw, it just doesn't come out right cause now I feel that I should start practicing drawing real ppl. And also learn to understand how angles can greatly change how much we can actually see. I can picture what I want to draw but I can't draw it, and that frustrates me a lot since I don't want to take shortcuts anymore since I've takened a few in the other pages that I already drew. Also that I'm unable to design Tamiko's mother who will be appearing in pages coming up and so I can't draw older women without making them look ... weird ... But this DOES NOT affect the update on June 13-15 with page one cause that will just take a retrace and tone and it'll be done so don't worry! It's just page 5 that might be troublesome (I'll be out of the rut soon I'm sure). I'll update on Friday probably (high school will be OVER) XD

EDIT: XD; omg my b/f told me that on the bus ride to the train station, he saw on the back of a MTA bus Tamiko and Kenji (Pin Design) that said "Register now for Anime Expo". WOW XD; *dies happy* I need a picture of it >.

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*dies from hw boredom* [21 May 2005|11:43pm]
[ mood | bored ]

BLEH I hate homework >.< Even after AP exams are over teachers just LOVE to stick projects on you. There's so much tedious spanish hw it's sickening ^_~ But oddly enough it's worth so many points that it's worth two test grades for one set o_O so I'm required to do it bleh. Then there's stats powerpoint project, government debate, reading The Importance of Ernest for english which seems to also involve an essay and weird final, and only class that seems free is physics luckily. So at this moment I'm doing spanish hw *dies*

I would also like to finish the rough draft of page five but it's just at a difficult scene in my view so I'm getting slightly lazy in trying to draw difficult scenes (and I suck at drawing fire!) o_O I don't know how to draw full body ppl standing in a doorway but I'm sure the story will be worth all that waiting. At least by page 6-8 I think cause something weird occurs XD; and trust me it's not that typical as to what could be the possible reason as to why that happened, I hope -_-;; Other than the fact that he's just not normal (with an odd and somewhat good reason) o_o when is an anime/manga character actually normal that isn't a dailylife type of series anyway? o.o But the sad thing is that this webcomic series will end leaving you with unanswered questions that might never be touched upon since it would occur AFTER (since the story is based on their lives before teenage/adulthood). So now I can say "I warned you" XD If the webcomic comes off well *prays* and has enough loyal readers I might continue it from there, don't want to plan TOO ahead now >.<; Maybe someday I'll get around to explain why I wanted to make a webcomic of this story type, and how the simple things in life can overall mean more than how they seem, which will end up occuring quite often in the story cause of my obsession with it (is usually a simple person if she's not thinking too much >.<;)

- Roxie
Also I would like to thank all those that visit my site regularly, hoping to see an update >.<; sorry to disappoint you repeatedly *bows*

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Pages in the making [15 May 2005|12:01pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

So far I have three rough draft pages of my manga XD that's a good thing especially for my slow pace lol. I think I'll try to draw up to five pages of rough draft before I go back to finalize them in pen and then tone, I plan to post all five at once so I can get it on the comic directory even though it has a minimum of 10 pages as a requirement o.O but if I update once a week (I hope) it should be ok ne? XD Cause there are some on there that only has one page at first so *shrugs* I think my second page is the best though, and drawing someone running is pretty difficult o_O ugh *hates page three the most* I have maybe about ... 20 pages worth of pages before I need my writer to have more of the story planned out.

- Roxie

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YAY! [12 May 2005|11:16pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Finally XD my AP exams are OVER FOREVER!!! *dies happy* 6 AP exams can really push it ^_~; Luckily I've survived, if I'm lucky I passed each exam or most of it. Well at the moment I'm actually drawing page 2 of my manga o.O hope you all like my new character that's part of my main five in this series ^_^ My two main characters are Tamiko and Kenji, but there are three other characters that are also important but not the focus like the main two. Names won't be exposed until a few more pages pass XD sucks to be the reader lol. I'm gonna try to work on improving in backgrounds so sorry if I'll continue to be slow. I just don't want to half-ass my drawings like I usually do and really just push it for each page and see how far and how much I have to learn to improve (lots I'm sure). But the only way to improve is to continue doing your best each time. I'm also deciding if I want the manga to be toned or have the grayscale shading style, both are difficult in their own ways, combining both might be difficult but we'll see if I screw it up -_-; I'll update sooner now. Thanks everyone for responding in the last entry >.<; means a lot to know there are those waiting for me to start working.

- Roxie

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Not Out Yet [17 Apr 2005|02:05pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Well I got into UCLA like I wanted XD Also finished merits finally so my stress level has decreased quite a bit, but AP exams are coming up and my senior year is coming to an end in a few months. I'll have to get my english portfolio ready soon too for senior exit exams *looks at her friends to help* XD

Well no time yet to work on the final for the first manga page. I decided it to become more of a preview/sampler page because the transition between panels aren't really what I would consider a normal manga page. Because you're likely to become confused a bit as to what is happening, so I'll be explaining it with words. I don't want to spoil what exactly is happening which will be discovered eventually as the story progresses. I'll just say enough to make the next page make somewhat sense XD won't this be fun... So now I'm just working on the rough draft for the 2nd page. Wish me luck! Btw new Laruku song out XD it's great!

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>. [06 Mar 2005|10:04pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Well I think I'm bound to update since I haven't lately. Sorry everyone for this long hiatus! >.< I know I promised to get things up like the first webpage but I'm unable to do that currently. This is a very hectic(sp?) month for me. I'm pretty much waiting for the colleges to have the results up so I can figure out if I made it into the colleges I applied for. I'm able to apply for a president scholarship so that will take away some of my time, and the MERITS project will also take away more of that time, but I only have a small piece of it left to do. If I am planning to try out the Merchandise Art contest for AX then that will also take time away. This is all not including the daily workload of homework I have from school >.< This is a pretty crappy time to be loaded with work. So sorry again everyone ~_~; I should be free after March 20th but AP exams are pressing also ... this sucks. The only sure thing I know that I'm free is when school is out ~_~ bleh gomen-nasai.

- Roxie

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Hiya Minna-san! [01 Mar 2005|04:31pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

o.o Yeah I could be talking to myself ... Anyway so after my incident the other day with an art thief (which really pissed me off) it ended up ok in the end, things got destroyed and my friend canceled his win or something with her connection to the supervisor. What to say ... my homework load is slowly building up and so I have to spend my time getting it out of the way in order to have any time for drawing. I'm considering if I should try to enter the AX Merchandise Art contest but iono if I can come up with anything nice. We'll see I guess. Manga will be on hold again, very sorry for this bad time delay. I don't think I have anything else to say right now, I guess that's it, Ja ne!

- Roxie

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Here it is! [25 Feb 2005|07:46pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

The picture is here, http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v281/kawaii_musouka/my_fanart/Shin.jpg
The site won't be updated until later tonight since I can't access the site o.O only my sister and b/f can update it for me lol. >.< bleh have to get back to work, hope you like the picture!

- Roxie

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