In the Clouds: Drawing or Venting

Uh ... Hi?

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What to say ... I'm super boring I guess. I lurk like everything from forums, blogs, DA, etc unless I find a reason to say something cause I'm dorky shy that way. Finished college finally with a science major, but I've been trying to get more involved with my art now. And I really should consider a new LJ name cause kawaii musouka definitely reflects my love-everything-japan-after-watching-anime-for-the-first-time phase, which was ... 10 years ago or so. I also staffed at AX (5 years) and AM^2 (first year). Looking into cons on the East Coast since the move.

Currently working with Mayshing for Altabe Studio raising funds for the first anime episode based on her webcomic. Also helping her plan for cons, and currently hoping to make a visual novel game pitch for the studio project.